Water Toys For Slightly Older Kids

Image showing water games for toddlers

Bath Time: Magical For Toddler And Big Kids

With nary a doubt, bath time is a magical time for kids and parents. Yes, bathing is meant to keep the kids clean, but truly it is much more than that. In a house filled with kids, it is the one time when they are not fighting. For the mother or the father, it is the time where they can sit back and relax while the children play.

There is something about sitting in a tub or pool of water that motivates children to explore more. Maybe it is because more of their senses are involved or perhaps it is the toys that come with it. The reason may vary, but the result remains the same: kids have fun while they learn.

In this article, we explore some of the water toys that are meant for older kids. While duckies are great to cheer up toddlers, bigger kids need some more mental inspiration to enjoy water toys. 

Kids enjoying in a jungle waterfall game

Jungle Waterfall & Pirates Kits: 2 Water Toys For Big Children

The jungle waterfall is a water toy made of varying suction pieces. These pieces from a waterfall when water is poured from the topmost section. Kids love it because it requires a little inspiration and a lot of mental work to place the pieces exactly so. The toy versatile because different setups can be created to change the flow of water.

The pirates for the tub kit or the princesses in the tub kit is another water toy bigger kids will love. It opens up a whole world of imagination where the child can create storylines while having a bath. An adventure at sea or a fun day out at the ocean, the creative plays with the toy are endless. 

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