Ideas & Tips to Increase Sales Through Display Shelves

An empty display shelf with various types of partitions

Every retailer loves to experiment with visual merchandising. Have you wondered what the base for this fascinating science is? Shelves! Excellent shelf design plays a significant role in sales. Have a look at the supermarket racks in Coimbatore ( to know how a well-stocked shelf becomes a game-changer in sales. Click here to understand the fore-comings of an enticing retail shop shelf with effective strategies to attract more customers.

Full Display Shelves Create a Visual Appeal. How?

A fully stocked shelf is more attractive than an empty or poorly stocked shelf. By being neatly organized, these racks draw more attention to the available items on the rack. Eventually, this leads to impulse buying driven through display stimulation. Statistics state that 70% of the sales happen through impulse purchases. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the retailer to provide an interesting display of products. They must create a situation where the customers must buy the item from the rack even if they did not intend to purchase it. Try this out for yourself on the shelf in the front of your store or the toy section. It is sure to draw more crowds!

Shelving Strategies to Attract Audience

Try creating a colour concept for the entire rack to catch the eye of the viewer. You can also line up the products of the same shade from dark to light tone. Colourful displays have never failed and are sure to look creative always. The next crucial suggestion will be to have the display balance right. Do not overcrowd as it will result in improper visibility of all the products.

The products should be well-stocked, and the customers must be able to choose from them without getting caught in a dilemma. Another important criterion is to fill the shelf with the right number of items. Doing so will allow the customers to pick up products without worrying about pulling apart the products or digging through them.

Tips & Techniques to Make Visual Merchandising Right

A tall display rack which is empty

There are certain hacks and tricks to leave a lasting impression on customers by setting up the store appropriately. A few of the display techniques are:

  1. Create a theme or concept and ensure that your display shelf blends with the remaining interior of the store. Streamline the products and it will develop an immersive experience for the audience.
  2. Have the retail displays well-lit. Invest in lights and fixtures to make sure that every product on display is visible to the customer in an attractive manner.
  3. Allow customers to touch and feel the products. Take the items out of their packages and make your buyers experience the merchandise before purchase. This will make more people opt for your brick-and-mortar store instead of online shopping.
  4. Portable display racks are a better option to use the available space effectively. You will be able to make a move immediately and make room for more things with limited space.
  5. Educate people with signage near the display racks. This will be a part of the shelf with just a bit of explanation for its products.
  6. Think out of the box! Use technology to create a cool display. One classic example of technological advancement is the touch-screen display of the entire catalogue. Most of the supermarket racks in Hyderabad have this updated display shelf in their stores.
  7. Last but not least, consider upcycling. It is the best practice to create unique racking ideas for your merchandise. All you have to do is reimagine old items’ usage, which will stand out and increase your walk-ins.

Remember that a display will be effective only if you showcase the merchandise that the customer aspires to buy. Stock the right items with detailed knowledge of previous sales reports and display them with the fantabulous ideas mentioned above.

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