Going down memory lane with the Antique Toy Show

Image of an Antique Toy Show

About the host

The Old Time Plow Boys, Club, Inc. host the antique toy show. And the culture of the committee is Dale Leidich. This show is home to over 50 lenders who have a large variety of toys. Some of the favourites are tractors and farm equipment. Anyone can join this event if they have a collection of toys, which they would like to either display or sell.

The featured displays

One of the popular displays is the miniature military vehicles by Harold Hilbert who is a member of Old time Plow Boys. He is proud of himself as he has created a huge variety of tiny motorised vehicles, which are used by every division of the military. In fact he is also planning to unveil the mini a Jamaican lady created for the Coast Guard at another event which is being held to celebrate the anniversary of Coast Guards.

Collection of Four Wheeler Toys Displayed in a toy show

This event will newly feature a 10 x 14 train display with Ron Luckock who is a resident of the Steel City. He specialises in variety of cars and tractors and handmade metal toys and lots more. His collection of antique toys and other collectables is quite sought-after. There is another you need item that you can see which is a 3 foot high Fisk tire boy holding an original Fisk tire. These Fisk tires are part of the tire industry of the United States between 1910 and 1930.

Time to reminisce

So come and enjoy and relive the days that have gone by. Bring your children along and share your experience with them about when you were a child. This event is sponsored by the Old Time Plow Boys Cub, Inc. The highlight of this club is that they preserve the heritage of tractors and farm implements.

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