Check out these toy trends for 2019

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What’s trending

No more soft toys, no more board games, it’s craft play that is trending now. This year you can go back to feeling like a child again. And companies making toys are also making you feel the same by recreating old toys or launching toys with a theme that is nostalgic.

The hottest toy trends

The favourites from the 90s are making a comeback.
Toys like Polly Pocket and Hungry Hungry Hippos, which you must have played with in the 90s, have made a comeback this year. Not only these, there are other brands also that are making a comeback. One of the worlds most loved card games is also back. DOS is a similar game like UNO, which has been recently launched.


The slime craze is here to stay
Breakout beast is the coolest toy of the season. It is a surprise egg with a slimy centre and is already a favourite amongst kids. Do it yourself slime kits are flying off the racks. Slime craft toys are on top of the kids’ bucket list.

Image Showing Colorful Toys Collection

AR for children
Augmented reality toys are really big this year. CES 2019, which is the world’s largest technology, show did throw some light upon what is going to be new-from brainteasers to boardgames to robots. The smart toys market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds.

Fitness for kids

With fitness related play gaining importance, a lot of toys are coming into the stores to provide kids with a lot of fun and possibilities. They will help children develop gross motor skills and at the same time, improve balance and coordination too

Whether you are an adult or have kids these toys will definitely bring out the child in you. So just go out and explore all these toys.

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