Floaties Aren’t Safety Gear

A Kid with blue swimsuit standing and smiling inside the pool

Floaties- Nothing More Than A Toy

There are many reasons because of which floaties can be dangerous if your kids are using them when playing in the water. The common misconception is that they can save your kids from drowning. However, they are not standard equipment for safety, and you shouldn’t count on them. You might be surprised to read this, but you can take your search further if you don’t believe these facts.

Why Shouldn’t You Place Your Faith On Floaties?

Kids are immature. Most of them don’t know what is right for them. If you believe that they’ll always listen to everything you say, then you need to change the way you think. So, if you tell them to keep wearing their floaties, there are no guarantees that they will adhere to your directions. That is where floaties become dangerous. The fact is that taking them out is a straightforward process. A little nudge and they come out without any trouble.

A Small kid giving cute pose from the pool with goggles

You might get relaxed under the belief that the floaties will keep your kid safe. But that is never going to happen. When your kids take them out, you might not notice. And your relaxation can turn into panic within a few seconds. So, you should invest in proper safety gear to keep them safe. You should ensure that your kids can’t remove them even if they try their best.

Misplaced confidence
Kids don’t understand the danger. Even if they get rid of the floaties you put on, they might not feel that something is wrong. Drowning can happen in less than five seconds. At times, your reaction might come too late. The fact is that when your child is in water, the only way to keep them safe is by watching them constantly and buying high-quality safety equipment.

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