Water Toys For A Fun Filled Experience

Water on this earth brings in life and fun. People have recently developed the liking for water which contributes to the sudden development of water sports and adventures in many parts of the world. Children are no exceptions in these cases. In spite of the restrictions imposed by their parents, they make it a point to play with water and water toys, by which they may tend to develop fever and sickness. Water toys foster better learning and developmental experiences in children. Medical uses of toys include promotion of psychological and sensory developments in children. The adults quench their likings for water by indulging in various water sports and adventures. The following are some of the water toys which the parents think are safe for their children.

  •         Kids Water Beads Sensory Toys

These are tiny colored beads which come in pack of 20,000’s. Initially they are very tiny. Once the beads are immersed in water for 3 hours, it enlarges by itself. When the size grows, the texture of the beads also changes. The water transforms the hard beads into soft ones. It is made up of a non-toxic polymer, which is extremely safe for children. These beads do not break, shrink or burst. When the beads are removed from the water it comes back to its original size. The parents can use these balls to improve the child’s learning abilities. It can be used as a way of learning by making the child count the number of balls or recognize its color. However swallowing of these beads may turn dangerous and hence be precautious while handling these stuffs.

  •         Spiraling Seas Waterpark Table (Age Limit- 2 To 6 Years Old)

Everyone loves to play in water parks especially children. Now we can create our own water park with the Spiraling Seas Water Park Play table that consists of a Ferris wheel. It has a water funnel which sends in water through two paddlewheels. In the centre there is a round tube where the kids can play by dropping balls and pouring water simply. This holds 7 gallons of water. It strengthens the ’s muscles as they have to stand up in order to play with the water. One of the disadvantages is that the elders may find it hard to clean these setups since it is has a very big area at the bottom of the table.

  •         On The Go Water Wow (Age Limit- 3 To 6 Years Old)

We have seen parents shouting at kids for coloring and scribbling on the walls. But “On the go water wow” makes life for parents easy, and children fun. It is a waterproof activity slate designed for children which enables them to color their bath tubs and water pools. You will be receiving three activity pads which consist mostly of numbers, animals and letters. The boards are strong and thick. The child need not sharpen the pencil or refill the ink as they do in the case of normal pens and pencils. The child should fill in the pen with water and by doing so they can bring down their imagination and creativity on their pages of life.

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