History Of Toys

Where Do Toys Come From ?

Toys can be described as any item that is used by children as a plaything. Historians have discovered that toys have been a part of human history since the earliest civilizations. Many toys seem to have been passed on across generations and are present even today. For example, the ever humble kite has been around for centuries and is still favored by the kids of today.

The earliest known mention of a toy in history is a Greek reference to the simple yo-yos made from metal, wood or terra cotta. Interestingly you can still find different types of yo-yos in the market today. The yo-yo is believed to have originated from China, as early as 1000 B.C. Clay animal figures dating back to 2500 B.C. has been found in India. Interestingly, bronze and brass elephants and horses were popular playthings among children from wealthier families.

Types of Toys that Promote Social Skills in Kids

Where the Toys come from?Toys are regarded as an outlet for kids to use their physical energy as well as creative skills. In fact, many scholars promote the use of toys among children to help them grow up into better functioning adults. In fact, dolls came into being to offer young girls a chance to let their maternal side come forth. Playing with dolls was believed to help them look after their own children once they grew up. Scientists have observed that the skills of children vastly improve when they are exposed to different types of toys. This is why trainers at the Best IAS academy encourage parents to allow their children to partake in a bit of play. It allows the students to destress and relax, enabling their rains to function better as well. The competitive exams like civil services needs its students to be calm and stress free. This helps them excel in these exams.According to http://www.localhistories.org/toys.html , toys play a crucial role in helping students develop different skills needed to survive in today’s world.

As time went by, moving toys made a foray into the world. Basic physical principles were used in creating such toys. The wheel, the pendulum, the swing, magnetism, centrifugal force are just a few of the principles that were implemented to make moving toys long back. Interestingly explosive toy weapons were also developed by the Chinese. They used gunpowder for fireworks to entertain the young and the old during special occasions.Wooden Toys for Kids

Moving Toys For Kids

Some of the movable toys seen in India in the earlier days include the acrobatic dolls on sticks, the clay elephants that seem to drink water and so on. With growing advancements in technology, these toys soon gave way to more sophisticated movable toys like the trains, remote controlled cars, moving dolls and robot and so on. In fact, the market today is flooded with a huge variety of toys that caters to every possible dream of a child. These days, board games are also quite popular. In fact, the adults have also taken an interest in board games these days. It offers them a respite from, the demands of their normal routine. At the end of the day, it is apparent that toys are crucial for the overall development of the human mind and body.

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