Body Boards
For the sports minded and thrill seekers we have water toys in the form of Boogie Boards, Towables, Kayaks, Skim Boards and Surf Boards. We have you covered when at the beach, river, lake or open ocean.

Water Toys
When you hear words like: hot weather, backyards and children you automatically think of Super Soakers, sprinklers and water slides. When you want to get wet or cool off, we have what you are looking for at Captain ‘s.

RC Boats
If you are looking for a radio controlled boat for your pool, bathtub or pond, we have it. Looking for a boat to race on a lake or the ocean? We have it. Wether you are looking for a micro rc boat, rc sail boat or rc submarine, we should have what you’re looking for!

Bath Toys
It’s impossible to place a child in the bath tub without them playing in the water. Knowing and understanding this simple fact has enabled Captain ‘s to put together a unique selection of bath tub toys guaranteed to give children what they want, playtime! Remember to always supervise children when in the bath tub.

Pool Toys

Pool toys can be used for a variety of purposes. They keep children entertained. Through their use, they improve swimming and diving skills. They can help children overcome their fear of the water.

At Captain ‘s, we have carefully selected each item to support all three. Please enjoy these products and remember, never leave your children unattended by an adult in the pool area.

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