A Whole Bunch Of Creative Plastic Toys

Toys create a whole new world for kids and rekindle creativity and imagination in them. Children love playing and spending time with their toys. With the introduction of specific kinds of plastic toys in today’s market, the dangers using these toys have become high. Although plastic is the best choice of material used in the manufacture of toys due to its rigidity, waterproof properties and long lasting abilities, they have their own drawbacks as well.

They are non- degradable and contain harmful chemicals which can be unsafe and hazardous to your child. Safer toys exist and they are usually made up of mud, clay and certain kinds of plastics which are safe. Plastics which are safe have the recyclable symbol (three arrows chasing each other) with a number in the middle. Concerning the number within, the plastics rated 3 and 7 are highly harmful. Plastic materials and toys which are rated number 3 are sometimes marked with the letter “V” and are basically called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and vinyl. Plastics which come with the rating 7 are hazardous as it contains harmful chemicals which are explained below:

  •         Dioxins:

When plastics like the PVC’s are made, recycled and burnt finally, they release harmful dioxins. The burning of plastics is considered to be the third largest source of dioxin released into the environment. Dioxins are harmful to human beings as they cause

           (i)Damages to the reproductive system

           (ii)Hormonal imbalance

           (iii)Neurotic problems

Dioxins can be found mixed with our food and breast milk as they are never ceasing in our surroundings.

  •         Phthalates:

These chemicals are commonly found in PVC plastics which are more flexible. They can also be found in leather products like back bags, materials with wooden finish, perfumes, medical equipments, adhesives and repellants. It can cause serious diseases in mankind like cancer. It can also destruct the endocrine system, damage the reproductive system and create developmental issues.

  •         Bisphenol – A (BPA):

They are present in plastics which are rated number 7 and are used in the production of plastic materials which are hard and rigid like the feeding bottles of babies, toys andpacifiers as well. They remain persistent in our surroundings and body thereby damaging and altering human cells present in the breast, prostrate and uterus regions. They cause developmental issues in human beings like the ADHD (a condition mostly in boys characterized by behavioral and learning changes). They may even cause neurotic and cardiac problems and even diabetes.

Tips To Buy Safer Toys

To build in a safe and healthy environment for your child to play, learn and grow with non hazardous plastic toys follow these tips:

  •         Avoid using plastics made of harmful chemicals: Avoid choosing plastics made up of PVC, Phthalate and bisphenol- A.  An easy way to avoid buying harmful plastics is to neglect the ones which are rated 3 and 7. If the number is absent in your plastic products as in the case of flexible toys do not buy them unless you are sure that they are PVC free.

·         Choose recycled plastics: Use materials and toys made up of recycled plastics. Remain fair on the environment and above all go green!!!

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