The birth of your first child really does change you. The truth of the matter hit us when we become parents. It was then we got to know that little kids who play with toys develop a better cognitive and creative skill. That one line started the journey to finding the best water toys for babies and toddlers. Why water toys? Because all babies love to play with water. Moreover, come summer splashing in the water while playing is a fun way to pass the time and stay away from the overbearing heat. 

As our little one grew, we explored more and more into water toys, and thus this platform came to being. We put into writing all the information, critical and fun, we gathered over the years. The hope is that new parents out there can utilise it keep their kids active, playing, learning, and safe. 

Since we know rearing an infant is not easy and scouring the internet for information is time taking, we’ve compiled all material related to water toys in here. A reader will find posts on:

  • The best water toys for babies.
  • The best water toys for toddlers.
  • Safety tips to follow while using water toys.
  • The different types of water toys. 
  • The role of water toys in the development of babies and kids.
  • A few activities to include water toys in.
  • Water toy shows and where to find them.
  • Things to keep in mind while buying water toys. 
  • Where to buy water toys.

Water toys are fun not just for little feet and fingers but also for adults. Playing with them can be a fun bonding session between parent and children. We hope that you use this site to find new and safe ways to connect with your baby while having fun!