Functional Wooden Toys To Improve Motor Skills Of Your Child

Ecological awareness has risen among consumers and hence they are turning towards value development when it comes to their children. Wooden toys have been used for ages and they have a prominent role to play in child development. The materials are clubbed together with composite variants to turn into high tech play materials. Wood is a challenging raw material and arouses the creativity of the designer. Wood is gaining prominence in the field of construction, the HoHo, the tallest wooden skyscraper is under construction that is 84 meters tall consisting of 24 storeys. The bamboo furniture range called Soba is also a design excellence.

Wood is used to create composites with an aim to cut down on cost and achieve design flexibility. The Cuboro Tricky Ways is a construction game incorporated into the principles of board game. Another innovation by Plantoys is the floating range of toys particularly for toddlers. It is made of rubberwood so that the toy floats in water. Some of the range includes sailing and pirate ships. The material is made of sawdust and colourant derived soy. This toy is unique and has earned a reputation for Plantoys thereby making it sell for the name.

Some of the other range of wooden toys that have made it to the podium includes:

Fishing kit: This is an educational toy and is fun to handle. The toy is sturdy and can keep the child active for hours. The fun doesn’t end with these cut little eight magnetic fish that comes with a fishing pole embedded with a magnetic hook. This fisherman game is sure to keep your little one occupied all day long.

Rainbow bowling set: Add a splash of rainbow colors to the bowling set and your toddlers are ready for some preschool color classes. It improves motor skills and gets your tiny one ready for school.

Jumble Puzzle: These are retro toys in the shape of safari animals and helps children learn about wild animals. These jungle animals are a starter for youngsters starting school.

Tic Tac Toe: A traditional game perfect not just for children but for adults too. The advantage of this one is, it can be played without a paper and pencil It is a 3D board crafted to hold the pieces in place.

Tiny pull along elephant: This is not as boring as it sounds. This cute little elephant comes with a wheel and can be pulled around while youwalks in the park or around your house. This elephant toy is sturdy and can last generations.

Labyrinth Wooden Board: This is not just for kids but also adults. It comes with three balls that help to balance the board perfectly. The game improves strength, coordination, focus and balance. The toy is ideal for teens.

Balance game: It consists of moon and star shapes made of wood and is best to improve coordination. The pieces are perfectly crafted to achieve hand and eye coordination. The pieces are cute and needs to be stacked.

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