Planning a holiday toy show and share

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Pick a date

The first step is to finalise on a date. Ideally should be after the holidays are over. Most of the schools and child centres are on a winter break until the beginning of the year. It’s better to not schedule the toy themed show and share till after the students have come back from their vacation. It is likely parents can miss out on the date if it happens on the day the children are back. It would be ideal to give them adequate time, send them a reminder and give them time to prepare.

Communicate to the parents

The next step is drafting a letter for the parents. A very simple letter that explains the purpose of the activity will suffice. It will help with the date and time is also included because some children may not attend the entire day. Other information like the kind of toys to be selected as per the rules of the school, and the way toys need to be labelled, and if there are any activities following the show where the children can play with his toys can be part of the communication. This letter can be sent home with the children and also be posted on the school bulletin board or any other place where it can be seen.

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On the day of the show

When the children arrive into the classroom on the day of the event you can first collect all the toys that they have brought. In case you have a cubby in class you can ask the children to store their toy over there. Just before the show and share is about to begin you can hand over the toy to the children. The children can be seated in a circle on the carpet, call the children one by one to the centre and they can then talk about their favourite toy. After this is over you can either choose to collect the toys to send home or let the children play. If you allow the children to play ensure that you have put down some rules for playing and sharing.

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