The toys that you should store now

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The power of the rare toy

You should never underestimate the value of any toy. You can make a fortune by selling toys that are rare or the most in demand. And sometimes sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Now don’t you think you should not have thrown away that special edition of Barbie that you played with when you were a child? It’s not always easy to know which tie off today will be worth a fortune in future. But there are some collectables that are predictable.

How to spot them

To start with and keep checking out popular films and shows on the television. If you have seen the merchandise which came out correct Star Wars has always sold well ever since the film is first released in 1977. Not just Star wars, there are other movies also that have created an impact. These are movies like Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters.

If you have noiced, the toys, which are the most rare, are the ones which fetch the highest prices. And even mistakes that are made in a toy make them rare. Toys which have a wrong colour, or in different kind of pack or have any other fault for that matter can get you quite a fortune because they are seen as an item which is unique.

An Image of Toy collection of Mc.Donalds

It’s also good to look out for limited additions, which manufacturers create. While some of them could be expensive now they could end up doubling your investment or even more depending on the product.

How to store them

If you really think that a toy that you have is going to make a fortune for you in some years time you should ensure that you store it properly and not just throw it away in your cupboard where it could get damaged.

You can rent a storage space that is just the perfect spot to keep your collectables secure. These facilities are regularly monitored by CCTV systems and can be accessed only by a key coded lift. Your space is safely secured with a unique lock. You should pack them well in good packaging and label the boxes appropriately so that you know what is where.

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