Useful Tips On Registering Brand Name Of Water Toys Company

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Things To Know About Registering A Trademark Of Your Brand For A Toy Company

In this competitive business world, entrepreneurs, start-up owners, etc. must establish their business. Toy companies can thrive only when they establish their brand. The brand name offers a unique identity to your business. It is important to know the process of registering brands as trademarks. This would help to protect your brand name, thus preventing your brand reputation from being used by others. You must understand the importance of patent filing. Here you can know about the process of registering your brand name and the common mistakes made by toy companies in protecting their brand name.

Image That Shows The Sand Water Toys.Choose A Crazy Brand Name For Trademark Registration

When you have set up a water toys company, it is essential that you create a brand name for it. Choose a crazy and unique brand name for your toy company so that it grabs the attention of customers. You must make sure that the name you choose for your brand name is not in use by others. Coin the brand name with generic words.

Submitting The Trademark Application

Once you have decided with the brand name of your water toys company, fill the trademark application Form-TM1, and it cost Rs.3500. You have to submit the certain supporting documents as mentioned below.

Proof of Business Registration: You have to submit the proof of your toy company registration based on its type. Also, submit the identity proof of the Directors of your company.

Image of Brand Logo: Submit the image of the logo of your toy company brand.

Filing The Brand Name Registration Application

There are two ways one can file the brand name registration one is the manual filing, and the other is e-filing. In the case of manual filing, one has to visit the Registrar of Trade Marks office personally and submit the filled in application form. You would receive the acknowledgment for the submitted application after 15-20 working days. You have to visit the official website of Trademark registration for filling the online application for brand name registration. In e-filing, you would receive the acknowledgment immediately. Now you can make use of your brand name with the TM symbol.

Examination of Your Application

The registrar of the Trademark office checks your application form and make sure that it complies with the law. They also make sure to check if any other toy company makes use of the same brand name.

Publication In India Trademark Journal

After the completion of the examination, the logo and the brand name of your toy company is published in the trademark journal. You have to wait for nearly three months after the publication and ensure that no opposition arises for your brand name.

Issue of Trademark Registration certificate

When no one comes with an opposition for your brand name, then the registrar accepts the trademark application. Now the certificate of registration is issued by the trademark registry.

Common Mistakes Of Toy Companies

Less Importance To Intellectual Property: Most of the toy companies do not offer importance to the intellectualCommon Mistakes Of Toy Companies property of their business. Thus they spend a lot of hard work and effort in creating a product but do not take efforts to protect the product. The intellectual property would serve a valuable asset to your business. Thus popular brands of water toy companies should make sure to protect their brand from illegal use. Make sure that you include the intellectual property assets in your business plan. This would help to manage with the competitors.

Difficult To Understand Their Requirements: It is difficult for toy companies to know exactly what their business requires. Make sure whether your business needs a patent or trademark. They should be aware of the differences between patent and trademark.

Less Knowledge About Regulatory Framework: The toy companies must understand the importance of the safety of their products. Usually, the toy companies fail to know about the regulatory framework. Thus always ensure that the toy companies adhere to legal legislations so that the reputation of the companies increases. Here check out the most common brand licensing mistakes.

Consider The Shelf life Of Products: This is the most common mistake of toy companies and they thus fail to go for patent and trademark registration of their products.

The above are some of the useful inputs on registering the trademark for your brand name of the toy company.

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