A New Twist To Age-Old Water Fights

Group of kids playing with water games

Water Balloons Are The Best Water Toys For Kids

What is the best way to fight the battle against heat? Water balloon fight. What’s the best way for families to have fun together? Water balloon fight. These battles are not only fun but also a great way to test the control and limits of children in a safe setting. Plus, they are an ideal learning opportunity. But one can’t deny that over the years, the charm of water fights gets lost. 

It is for those times we bring to you the latest water toys and accessories that can change the world of water balloon battles.

Catapult Those Water Balloons!

Two kids playing with water splashes

Slingshots and catapults are the best water toys for a water balloon fight. You can use them to sling balloons on others while staying a safe and dry distance away. They are readily available in the market, but DIY slingshots are also possible. All you will need is scrap lumber and some surgical tubing!

If the water fight is between young kids, we recommend the slingshots to be utilised for a contest. The little one who throws the balloon farthest wins. Another option is to use towels to catch balloons thrown out of a catapult. Both choices are safe for young kids. 

Sponge Balls Are Fun New Water Balloons

When the goal is to get your friends wet, why use only balloons? Sponge balls are great water toys for them. They soak up water, retain it while in the air and the minute they land on someone they discharge the water. Like slingshots, sponge balls can be made at home or bought in a store. 

Use slings and sponges to bring a new twist to the age-old game of water balloon fights!

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