A Toddler And An Infant- No Love Lost

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Life of Parents With Two Kids of Different Ages

The arrival of a newborn in any family is always a welcome change. However, if you already have a toddler anywhere between 3-7 years older than the baby, life can be hard and challenging. In many homes, the toddler gets left out and sometimes even start getting detached. So, it is the responsibility of all parents to ensure their love and care doesn’t decrease. Taking care of the baby is essential, but the older child must receive love and affection in abundance.

Smart Management Can Be Beneficial

Preparing your toddler for the arrival of the newborn can make sure they understand the changes that will take place. No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep everything exactly the way it was. The only thing you can do is to ensure the toddler doesn’t feel left out and unloved.

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Care and affection
It is common for older siblings to feel jealous. After all, the newborn tends to get too much attention in the initial days. So, the toddler will feel that they aren’t the star of the show. They might think that the younger sibling is getting more than half of their share. However, smart parenting and mentally preparing the toddler can help you in keeping the situation under control.

Include them
You should try to involve your elder child into helping with some easy tasks. It will give them a sense of responsibility and belonging. If you adopt these strategies, then you can eliminate all possibilities of jealousy.

Breastfeeding and toddlers
Many young mothers try to avoid breastfeeding newborns in the presence of older siblings. However, this is not the right way to do things. You should try to keep things as normal as possible. Your kid needs to understand that this is the way of life and not a shameful activity.

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